Nikki Haley withdraws from the US presidential race News


Nikki Haley announced on Wednesday her withdrawal from the Republican Party primary race, clearing the way for Donald Trump to win the party’s nomination to run in the US presidential elections scheduled for next November.

Haley’s decision came hours after she lost the Super Tuesday vote to Trump, who came very close to obtaining the Republican Party’s nomination, setting up a date with the current US President, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s candidate, noting that Biden had assumed the presidency after deciding the 2020 race against… Trump.

According to the latest results of the election round that took place yesterday, which included 15 US states in addition to the Samoa Province in the South Pacific, Trump won in 12 states, while Haley only won the state of Vermont, making her the second to win after Washington, DC.

Although Haley was able to win in Vermont, Trump defeated her in states that were supposed to support her, such as Maine and Virginia.

Trump is now on an open path to obtaining the Republican Party nomination for the upcoming presidential elections, even though he is being prosecuted in several cases, and it is expected that his trial in one of those cases will begin before the next November elections.

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