Decreased prices of 30 basic commodities in markets and Ahlan Ramadan exhibitions in Giza

Written by – Maram Muhammad

Thursday, March 07, 2024 11:24 AM

The “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions in Giza Governorate witnessed, Low prices More than 30 basic commodities; To ease the burden on citizens in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, companies participating in the exhibitions offered discounts on goods of up to 30% and special offers on the most prominent basic food and consumer goods and Ramadan supplies.

In the following lines, Al-Youm Al-Sabea explains the prices of basic commodities inside the “Ahlan Ramadan” exhibition in Imbaba after the reduction.

-Packaged sugar, 1 kg, costs 27 pounds.

-Egyptian rice 1 kg for 27 pounds.

-Packaged flour, 1 kg, costs 25 pounds.

-1 liter mixture oil for 65 pounds.

– Olive oil, 800 ml, 96 pounds.

-Ghee 650 grams for 82 pounds.

-1.5 kg of obesity costs 175 pounds.

-Vinegar 900 each for 14.5 pounds.

-Pasta 350g for 9.5 pounds.

-Cowpeas are 78 pounds.

-Yellow lentils for 60 pounds.

– Local fava beans are 44 pounds.

-Sauce for 13.5 pounds.

-250 gm cheese for 14 pounds.

-Tahini 250g for 45.25 pounds.

-Tea 40 gm for 10 pounds.

-250 gm fine tea for 59 pounds.

Local meat is 290 pounds instead of 420 pounds.

– Local minced meat is 280 pounds instead of 350 pounds.

– Local local liver for 290 pounds instead of 420 pounds.

-1,200g chicken for 110 pounds.

-Boftik platter (450g) for 140 pounds.

-Wrak plate (800g) for 80 pounds.

-A plate of chicken breasts (800 grams) for 150 pounds.

Ducks cost 105 pounds per kilo.

-Clover honey for 45 pounds.

Olive oil (1 liter) costs 120 pounds.

-Siwi dates for 20 pounds.

-Khashaf Siwi dates for 30 pounds.

Sultani dates for 35 pounds.

Special offers at the “Welcome Ramadan” exhibition in Imbaba…

-1 liter mixture oil for 65 pounds instead of 95 pounds.

-Special offer: a plate of chicken breasts (800g) for 150 pounds.

-Special offer: 2 chickens, total weight 1,300 grams, for 120 pounds.

-A 10 kg bag of rice costs 270 pounds instead of 350 pounds.

A 10 kg pasta shell costs 235 pounds.

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