OpenAI’s chief scientist leaves the company after his role in the firing of Sam Altman

Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist and co-founder of the company, is leaving OpenAI Concerned with artificial intelligence, which puts an end to months of speculation in Silicon Valley about the future of one of the leading researchers in this field, who played a prominent role in the removal of Sam Altman, for a short period last year.

OpenAI said in a post on its blog on Tuesday that the director of the research unit, Jacob Paczucki, will replace Sutskever.

While Sutskever described the OpenAI path in a post on the “X” platform as a “miracle,” and said that he is confident that the company will build technology. Artificial intelligence “Safe and useful” under its current leadership.

Ilya Sutskever… a prominent role in OpenAI

Sutskever’s nearly decade-long tenure at OpenAI was influential. When the company was founded in 2015, he served as director of the research unit after being hired by…Yellow mask To join the company, and at that stage, Elijah was already well known in the field for his research on neural networks at the University of Toronto and his work at the Google Brain Lab.

Sutskever was such a central figure in the company that he officiated President Greg Brockman’s wedding at OpenAI’s offices.

Over the past year, Sutskever was one of several OpenAI board members who took the initiative to oust CEO Altman, a decision that sparked a five-day firestorm at the company. Brockman resigned in protest, investors revolted, and within a few days All 770 OpenAI employees signed a letter threatening to quit unless Altman was reinstated.

Adding to the chaos, Sutskever said he regretted his involvement in Altman’s firing, and shortly after, the CEO was reinstated.

Following Altman’s return to the company in late November, he said in a blog post that Sutskever would not return to his previous position as a board member, but that the company was “discussing how he can continue his work at OpenAI.”

Over the ensuing months, Sutskever largely disappeared from view, sparking speculation about his continued role at the company. Sutskever’s X post on Tuesday was the first time he had posted anything on the social network since reposting a message from OpenAI in December. the past.

When asked about Sutskever during a press conference last March, Altman said he loved him, and that he thought Sutskever loved OpenAI, adding: “I hope we work together for the rest of our careers.”

“Ilya is simply one of the greatest minds of our generation, a guiding light for our field, and a dear friend,” Altman wrote in a post on X, while Sutskever said he was working on an as-yet-unnamed project that was “a very personal goal” of his.

Paciocchi, the new chief scientist, has been working at OpenAI since 2017, and the company said he led the development of the GPT-4 artificial intelligence model.

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