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She declared The artist Lebanese Pamela Al-Kik said that the features of her compatriot Nadine Nassib Njeim have changed a result To repeat plastic surgery, noting that she had not reconciled with it after a previous dispute.

Pamela Al-Kik and the Syrian artist Maram Ali were subjected to a prank on the “Ramez Gap from the Other” program presented by the artist Egyptian Ramez Galal.

For her part, she confirmed The artist Syrian Maram Ali refused to marry a married man, like her role in the series “The Traitor,” noting that she receives many marriage offers, but she rejects them.

On the program “The Anonymous” with Rodolphe Hilal in November 2023, actress Pamela Al-Kik revealed interesting aspects of her life, from her tense relationship with Nadine Njeim to her unique view of religion.

Pamela stated that she did not receive any congratulations from Nadine Njeim for her success in the series “Crystal.”

Pamela suggested that the reason for the lack of congratulations was Nadine’s “fear” of her.

Pamela confirmed that the dispute between her and Nadine began before the “Samra” series, and she keeps secrets about it that she will reveal later.

Pamela is distinguished by her bold personality and frankness in raising different topics. Pamela has achieved great success in many series, the latest of which is “Crystal”. Pamela sometimes raises controversy with her statements, making her a public figure.

Pamela has not directly stated the reason for her rift with Nadine Njeim, and Pamela’s thoughts on religion spark an important discussion about religion and spirituality.

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