Meat and fruit market offers from Lulu Hypermarket in Amman with discounts of up to 50%

Lulu Hypermarket Amman is offering fruit market offers on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, starting on March 7, 2024 AD. These offers are available in all branches of Lulu Hypermarket located in Saudi Arabia, and you will find everything you need available in these offers.

Fruit market offers at Lulu Oman

Lulu Oman discounts today

  • Nutritional lamb pieces slaughtered in Oman per kilo: price 3,890 Omani riyals.
  • Cubed/minced New Zealand beef per kilo: 3,890 Omani riyals.
  • Pakistani lamb pieces per kilo: price 3,990 Omani riyals.
  • Indian buffalo cubes/minced meat per kilo: price 2,290 Omani riyals.
  • Australian lamb meat pieces per kilo: priced at 3.390 Omani riyals, instead of 4.390 Omani riyals.
  • Al Tamam Tandoori Chicken 500 grams: priced at 1.390 Omani Riyals, instead of 1.790 Omani Riyals.
  • Marinated chicken lollipop per kilo: priced at 2.390 Omani riyals, instead of 3.190 Omani riyals.
  • Al Tamam minced chicken 450 grams: priced at 1,090 Omani riyals, instead of 1,590 Omani riyals.
  • New Zealand beef sirloin per kilo: price 6,590 Omani riyals.
  • New Zealand lamb meat per kilo: priced at 5,590 Omani riyals, instead of 7,190 Omani riyals.
  • Al Tamam minced beef 450 grams: price 1.990 Omani riyals.
  • Al Imam boneless beef cubes 450 grams: price 1.990 Omani riyals.
  • Grilled New Zealand beef slices per kilo: price 6,490 Omani riyals.
  • White grapes per package: price 0.290 Omani riyals.
  • Abu Surra Egypt oranges per kilo: price 0.250 Omani riyals.

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Food product offers for the holy month of Ramadan

Lulu Oman discounts today

  • Mixed grapes per package: price 1,090 Omani riyals.
  • Onions, about 2.5 kg: price 0.990 Omani riyals.
  • Mangosteen fruit per package: price 0.890 Omani riyals.
  • Iranian red apples per kilo: price 0.390 Omani riyals.
  • Robusta bananas per box: price 1,490 Omani riyals.
  • Kenyan avocado per kilo: priced at 0.890 Omani riyals.
  • Khalas dates 5 kg: price 2.990 Omani riyals.
  • South African red plums per kilo: price 0.890 Omani riyals.
  • Ginger per package: price 1,690 Omani riyals.
  • Plums per package: price 0.590 Omani riyals.
  • Salalah papaya per kilo: priced at 0.590 Omani riyals.
  • Lemon per package: price 2,490 Omani riyals.
  • Driscolls berries per box: 0.675 Omani riyals.
  • Large South African lemon per kilo: price 0.490 Omani riyals.
  • Garlic per package: price 1,990 Omani riyals.
  • Iranian red apples per box: price 0.750 Omani riyals.
  • Rosemary pears per kilo: price 0.750 Omani riyals.

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How many LuLu Hypermarket branches are there in the Sultanate of Oman?

There are more than 5 branches in the Sultanate of Oman.

When was the first Lulu Hypermarket branch opened?

The first branch was opened in 1995.

Who is the owner of Nesto Hypermarket?

Yusuf Ali Musallam Vitil Abdel Qader.

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