Passports: Explains the truth about canceling fees for companions in Saudi Arabia. Know the truth

By learning about the fact that fees for companions in Saudi Arabia have been abolished, we can point out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to regulate the processes of entry into the Kingdom, by preserving the system of Saudi society and preserving its stability, so we will learn through… Your platform website Based on the fact that the news is circulating about canceling the accompanying fees.

The truth about canceling escort fees in Saudi Arabia

The truth about canceling escort fees in Saudi Arabia. Find out the truth

Many residents began circulating a group of news that stipulates the cancellation of fees associated with the entry of companions into the Kingdom, and we can point out that this news has prompted the responsible authorities to clarify that fact.

She said that there is no official decision to complete this process, and that all this news is baseless, and that the exemption process is still ongoing for the categories that were previously announced.

Categories exempt from accompanying fees

According to what has been announced by the responsible authorities, the categories exempted from these fees are:

  • Unmarried women, whatever their age group.
  • The couple residing in the Kingdom.
  • Students who have scholarships within the Kingdom, as well as students who belong to military training courses.
  • People working in embassies or holding diplomatic passports.
  • People who have an employment contract with government agencies, or who belong to domestic workers.
  • Companies with a workforce of up to 4 people.

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How to check escort fees in the Kingdom

This process is done electronically, by implementing the following steps:

  1. Direct access to the website of the Muqeem platform.”from here“.
  2. Log in to the platform by entering the required data correctly.
  3. Click on the fee calculator option.
  4. Click on Renewal Iqama.
  5. Specify the number of companions, and enter the dates of stay.
  6. By clicking on Calculate, you can find out the amount of fees to be paid.

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Fine for non-payment of escort fees

According to what has been announced, in the event of failure to pay the fees for this process, the violator will be subject to paying 500 Saudi riyals the first time, while he will be fined 1,000 Saudi riyals, while the third time he will be deported with the same amount paid. the previous.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the countries that receive a large number of expatriates, so the Kingdom has issued a set of decisions and laws whose purpose is to regulate the affairs of this group, for the benefit of them, as well as the Kingdom in general.

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