Putin: We have the most modern nuclear triad in the world, and we will not hesitate to use it if we feel danger

Written by Muhammad Abdel Majeed

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 09:40 AM

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if it senses an existential threat, stressing that the Russian nuclear triad is more modern than any triad in the world, and we consider the appearance of any American forces in Ukraine involved in the war.

The Russian President added that the presence of foreign forces in Ukraine will not change the course of the military operation, stressing that Russia is ready to negotiate regarding Ukraine and any talks must contain written guarantees and not a truce so that Kiev is not re-armed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that Poland wants to reoccupy parts of Ukraine that it considers part of its territory. He also stressed that he will deal with any president of the United States and will not interfere in the American elections, stressing that he will deploy strike forces and systems on the borders with Sweden and Finland after Their joining NATO.

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