Questions about Modeste’s participation with Al-Ahly, despite the decline in his level and capabilities

The participation of Frenchman Anthony Modeste, Al-Ahly striker, throughout the past period has mainly raised question marks within the Egyptian football street in general and among the walls of the Red Castle in particular.

Questions about Modest’s level preoccupied many people in Al-Ahly because of Kohler’s insistence on playing him as a starter at the expense of the duo, Wissam Abu Ali and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, even though they are much better than him.

Al-Ahly signed Modest last summer in a free transfer deal after his contract with the German club Borussia Dortmund expired.

Modeste did not perform with Al-Ahly what he deserved to participate in as a starter, and despite having received several opportunities since the beginning of the season, the player appeared at a modest level in the past matches, the last of which was the summit match yesterday, Monday, against Zamalek, in which Modest participated as a starter and did not provide any additions, so he left the field at the beginning of the second half to improve his performance. Al-Ahly then, where Wissam Abu Ali participated instead of the French striker.

On a related note, Marcel Kohler, Al-Ahly’s technical director, commented on the team’s loss to Zamalek yesterday by two goals to one in the league, saying: “We were in control of the match in the first 25 minutes, then Zamalek entered the match due to naive mistakes, and at the end of the half we conceded a goal, and in the second half.” We were the best and Zamalek scored the winning goal from an unorganized ball.”
Coach added Al-AhlyHe said: “I did not start the match with the wrong formation, and if you make early substitutions you will complain, and if you are late in substitutions you will also complain, and everyone bears responsibility for the loss from Zamalek.” He explained: “There is no time to sign new players, and we must deal with the available players, and we must The Al-Ahly player must have special characteristics and can withstand pressure.” Kohler added: “In the end, we must remember that Al-Ahly is missing 7 influential players from its ranks.”

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