Ramadan 2024..The series “Silat Rahm” tops the “x” trend after the first episode was shown

12:35 PM

Monday, March 11, 2024

Written by Bahira Fouda:

The series “Silat Rahm” topped the search index on the “X” website after its first episode was shown yesterday, Sunday.

At eleven o’clock in the evening on Sunday, March 10, MBC Egypt broadcast the first episode of the Silat Rahm series, which witnessed the introduction of the characters and many exciting events.

The artist Iyad Nassar appears in the character of a doctor named Hossam, married to a psychiatrist named Laila – the artist Yousra El Lozy, who was treating him for a psychological crisis following his separation from a girl he loved, as well as the escape of his foreign wife Jesse with their son Omar outside the country.

Laila is a doctor who loves her work and is about to give birth. The episode shows her husband, Hossam, who suffered psychologically as a result of the disputes that arose between him and his first wife, then her running away with his son, and his inability to get him back despite the passage of years and his resorting to the judiciary.

During the events of the first episode, the audience discovers that Hossam is in a relationship with a girl other than his wife. He talks to her and meets her without her knowledge. Laila suffers from bleeding that threatens her pregnancy while he is with that girl in her house.

Immediately upon his return to his home, while he was trying to save his wife, Laila, and take her to the hospital, they were involved in an accident, as their car collided with a car in the side where Laila was sitting, causing them to scream for help and an ambulance, while she was between life and death.

“A Womb Connection,” written by Mohamed Hisham Obayya, directed by Tamer Nadi, starring Iyad Nassar, Yousra El Lozy, Abed Anani, Nabil Nour El Din, Yousra El Lozy, Safaa Galal, Mohamed Jumaa.

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