Rana Samaha reveals a surprise about her separation from her husband

Actress Rana Samaha made a big surprise by announcing her separation from her husband, composer Samer Abu Talib, some time ago, and their return to married life, stressing that the temporary separation they went through contributed to strengthening their relationship and teaching them new skills to resolve differences.

During her and her husband’s guest appearance on the “Married People’s Podcast” program, she spoke about the reason for the separation, stressing that it was due to the “many accumulations” that they faced during the first year of their marriage, where they were exposed to shocks upon discovering each other’s faults, and how this separation strengthened their relationship and taught them how to overcome Their problems and differences.

She considered that the secret to the success of any relationship is the absence of any external party’s interference when problems occur, with the family’s keenness to educate both parties and reduce tension.

The artist added that her big disagreement with her husband led them to try to impose their personalities on each other, which led to a state of extreme stubbornness and lack of acceptance of the other, which ended in a separation for two months.

After the separation, she agreed with her husband on “a way to resolve their dispute” and not just understanding, stressing that this step is the most important for those approaching marriage, and stressed the necessity of choosing a life partner capable of resolving differences and overcoming problems, instead of focusing only on understanding, commenting: “ The most important thing is to choose a partner who will resolve your differences and bring you together, not someone you just get along with.”

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