Rania Mansour accuses someone of harassing her at Wael Jassar’s concert

Actress Rania Mansour filed a first report at the Nasr City Police Department, accusing a 48-year-old person of verbally harassing her while she was attending the artist Wael Jassar’s concert inside a famous mall in Nasr City.

Immediately, the security services moved and arrested the accused. He was transferred to the Nasr City Prosecution Office, which ordered his release after the two parties reconciled, as it turned out that the accused had been suffering from psychological disorders for years.

On the other hand, Rania revealed the details of her appearance in the video clip “The Subject of Our Return” by the star Tamer Hosni, from the album “Happiness Hormone,” which was released last February on YouTube, where she expressed her happiness with her cooperation with Tamer, stressing that she wants To repeat the experience with the star of the generation.

Rania Mansour said: “Tamer Hosni and I had a meeting before and we agreed to film a specific song, but he filmed another song, and the project was not completed between us.” She added: “Then I had another interview with him in the summer, and we discussed implementing a joint artistic project, and I was surprised that he welcomed the topic very much… Tamer took an interest in the topic and told me, ‘Let’s go,’ and together we filmed a video clip for the topic of Our Return, and I was very happy with this experience, and Tamer is a human being.” Beautiful, and every time I meet him, I feel that his thinking is close to my thinking.”

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