Referral of an accused of killing Yemeni Major General Hassan al-Obaidi to the Mufti

Books – Ramadan Younes:

The Giza Criminal Court, held in Zeinhom and headed by Counselor Alaa Al-Baili, ruled today, Wednesday, to refer the first accused, “Ramadan M.,” in the case of the killing of Yemeni Major General Hassan Al-Obaidi to His Eminence the Mufti to obtain a legal opinion on his execution.


The court set the April 1 session to pronounce the ruling in the case.

The referral order stated that the first to fourth defendants killed Major General Al-Obaidi, 50 years old, head of the manufacturing department of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, inside his apartment in Faisal in Giza, intentionally, with premeditation, and robbed him, after they had the intention and determined to do so, by preparing a sedative drug for that purpose. “Cloazpine”, and a white weapon, “a penknife”, as the fifth accused participated with them in hiding part of the stolen items.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the third and fourth defendants drugged the victim with a drink to paralyze him, so that the first and second defendants could enter his residence and threaten him with a white weapon, but he resisted them, so they tied him with ropes “by the feet and hands,” and they dropped him to the ground and took turns beating him until he died.

Investigations indicated that the defendants seized (amounts of money in foreign and local currencies – some collectibles and personal belongings).

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