Right to apply… Halliburton Company in Kuwait announces job offers in various fields

Halliburton is considered a public joint stock company. It was established in 1919 AD. The company’s headquarters is divided into two sides: the western side, which is located in the city of (Texas) in the United States, and the eastern side, which is located in the city of (Dubai) in the United Arab Emirates. Halliburton has Other subsidiary headquarters are in 80 countries around the world, and the company includes a large number of employees that may reach 75,000 employees from 130 different nationalities.

Halliburton Kuwait jobs

Halliburton jobs

Halliburton has many vacancies in the fields of energy and oil, which are available to everyone to apply for. The vacancies in the company include the following:

Conditions required to apply for Halliburton jobs in Kuwait

It is logical that there are conditions and requirements for applying for any job, and among the conditions required for applying for a job at Halliburton are the following:

Services provided by Halliburton in Kuwait

Halliburton jobs

The company provides many services in the field of energy, and also provides products and technical services for the industry, exploration and production of oil and natural gas to more than 120 different countries, which also helps in solving the problem of unemployment as it provides work jobs amounting to about 1,500 jobs, and employs 75,000 employees of different nationalities. This is what makes Halliburton in Kuwait distinct from other oil companies in the world.

Who is the owner of Halliburton?

Vanguard Investments and State Street Corporation

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