“Rush without knowledge”.. Mustafa Hosni reveals mistakes he made during an interview

02:04 PM

Friday, March 8, 2024

Books – Muhammad Fathi:

Preacher Mustafa Hosni confirmed that it is benevolent in an apology for a person to explain the mistakes and motives he made, adding that explaining mistakes is to clarify some of the reasons that led a person to fall into them, not to imitate them or seek help from them, in addition to removing them from the walls of his heart.

“Hosni” added during his hosting of the program “With You, Mona El-Shazly”, which is broadcast on the “CBC” channel: that in the case of fanaticism towards a person, it is not permissible to insult him in front of everyone, pointing out that if this happens and someone makes a mistake, one must apologize to him. Explaining to him that what happened to him in front of people is not permissible for anyone to do, while promising that this will not happen again.

He pointed out that his talk about the hijab and the use of a “mannequin” had a sincere intention in explaining it with impulsiveness without much knowledge, as he was happy in his clarification of the rulings of the Creator, Glory be to Him, while forgetting many rulings, including: “decency, humility, and lack of ridicule.”

He continued: There were too many things from the obligatory prayer, and therefore it is not permissible to go out and apologize without explaining the mistakes I made as a result of not knowing about them, pointing out that while apologizing, I must clarify the mistakes I made because my followers imitate me.

He pointed out that a person’s respect for another person imitates him, so mistakes must be clarified so that he has a vision of his own in the future to correct the mistakes he makes.

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