See the decorations inside Al-Ahram Studio before they were consumed in the fire.. Pictures

A state of extreme sadness dominated the makers and team of the Al-Muallem series, after the fire consumed the entire decorations of the series inside Al-Ahram Studio, in which a huge fire broke out in the early hours of Saturday morning, and destroyed the entire decor of the series, whether the popular neighborhood in Al-Ahram Studio or the fish market. It was built specifically to film the scenes of the series, which deals with conflicts between fish merchants, and it is the main decoration of the work and the events of the Al-Mualim series by star Mostafa Shaaban are based on it.

In a related context, the star Mostafa Shaaban reassured his fans after the Al-Ahram Studio fire, which destroyed the decor of the Al-Muallem series and reached some neighboring buildings, where he said on the seventh day, “Thank God, everyone is fine, and we finished filming and left the place, but the fire was large, wishing everyone safety.”

A fire broke out inside the filming location of the series in Al-Ahram Studio in the Omraniya area, and civil protection personnel in Giza moved to control it.

A report was received from the emergency room in Giza stating that a fire had broken out inside Al-Ahram Studio in the Omraniyah area. Immediately, a number of fire trucks were dispatched to the location of the report. It was revealed, through inspection and preliminary investigations, that the fire had caught fire in a filming location for the series, and it is being controlled and the necessary legal measures are being taken.

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