Sergeant Major Denis Yakimov was laid to rest in Be’er Sheva: “Yesterday we lost a hero” –

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Sergeant Major Denis Yakimov, a fighter in the 17th Battalion who fell during the battles in Gaza – is now laid to rest in the military cemetery in Beer Sheva.

Yakimov, who left behind a pair of parents, two brothers, a sister and a little daughter, previously completed his software engineering studies at Kay College and recently lived in Petah Tikva where he worked for a high-tech company. This evening, his family and acquaintances came to say goodbye to him, and it was evident how important Yakimov was to his relatives.

His little daughter Danlina paid tribute to him: “You were my friend in this world. I love you very, very much. I wanted to see you. I will never see you. Only in pictures. You were the best father in the world.”

His father Sergei said goodbye to him in tears: “It’s a bit difficult for me, I’m sorry, I’ll speak in Russian. (Switches to Russian). My dear son, you were resilient, healthy, strong, a real handsome man and very smart. You gave your life for the land of Israel, you did your best, every Respect to you. I am proud of you, may the earth be as soft as a feather for you, you sacrificed yourself, you are a champion. You are strong, they say in Hebrew ‘what a man’, it is very difficult for me, but there is nothing I can do, it is fate. I am very happy and thank you all for coming to say goodbye to him on his way The last one. I thank you very much, you are very good people.”

His brother Igor eulogized him: “My dear brother, I’m already starting to miss you. Thank you for everything, King, you are the salt of the earth, and it really is like that. Thank you for everything, sorry. Life does not stop, you left behind the most precious thing you had, your daughter Danlina, we will protect her as you protected us because you gave everything for us. Meet somewhere.”

His friends in the service paid tribute to him with heartache and revealed a few details about the events that led to his death: “Dear Yakimov family, on behalf of the commanders of the 17th battalion and the auxiliary company, I apologize for not being able to keep our beloved friend Dennis and bring him home safely.”

“Dennis was killed tonight while fighting with the force that led the assault and fighting in Khan Yunis in an area infested with terrorists who tried to prevent us from advancing. Unfortunately, during the attack, a volley fired at the force from close range hit Dennis. When a wounded “flower” was reported to our forces, we all hoped for a happy ending More”.

Denis Yakimov z"To.  Credit - private photo

Denis Yakimov z"To.  Credit - private photo

“When the wounded became the dead, our hearts broke, when we realized it was Dennis, our hearts shattered into pieces. Dennis, our dear friend, you joined us in 2011 and then we discovered a professional soldier who does everything modestly, with an infectious smile and a constant desire to help everyone. We all remember how in the first round in Gaza that ended not long ago , along with fighting in several divisions for 3 months, you told us that you were writing a book about this challenging period and all the soldiers in the company wanted to be included in it.”

“Dennis, have you already written about me today?” “Dennis, in which episode do I appear?” Our beloved Dennis, we commanders and friends had a great pleasure to be and fight by your side. It is important to us that everyone who knows you, your family, your little girl who drew you a picture that we found in your wallet, your friends and the entire people of Israel, that everyone knew that yesterday we lost a hero.”

“We the commanders will have to do everything and be better in order to be worthy of your sacrifice, fulfill his tasks and bring all the fighters home safely. We love and salute you, the friends and commanders of the 17th Assisting Family.”

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