She lost a lot of weight.. The audience comments on the latest appearance of singer Mai

04:10 PM

Monday, May 13, 2024

Written by: Manal Al-Gyoushi

In an interview with a Syrian website, the star Mayada El-Hanawi appeared to have lost a lot of weight

Mayada confirmed that she did not undergo plastic surgery, but rather lost her excess weight, and the Syrian star’s latest appearance won the admiration of her fans and fans.

The public circulated pictures of Mayada El-Hanawi, and the comments were as follows: “The wonderful, charming one,” “It is unbelievable that her appearance has changed so much,” “Her appearance has changed so much,” “Why has her appearance changed like this?” and other comments.

The artist Mayada Al-Hanawi had released a new song entitled “A Pill of Memories”, which is written by the late poet Abdul Rahman Al-Abnoudi, composed by Talal, and arranged by Yahya Al-Muji. The song was filmed in Dubai.

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