Sherine Reda reveals the reasons why her daughter Nour did not appear with Amr Diab

Mohammed Shaban

Published on: Friday, March 15, 2024 – 10:51 PM | Last updated: Friday, March 15, 2024 – 10:51 PM

Actress Sherine Reda said that her daughter, Nour Amr Diab, relies on herself and bears responsibility for herself in London, explaining that she instilled in her daughter from a young age that money is not everything and that there are other more important things in life.

During an interview with the “Al-Arafa” program, broadcast on “Al-Nahar” TV on Friday evening, she responded to the journalist Basma Wahba’s question, “Does Amr Diab do the same thing with his other children?”, saying: “I don’t know, I don’t like to compare my daughter to anyone, and neither does she.” “She compares herself to her brothers because she is happy like that.”

She attributed the reason for Nour not appearing with her father Amr Diab at his concerts to be that this may be due to her permanent residence in London while his children live in Egypt, adding that her daughter and her ex-husband communicate and meet when the artist Amr Diab travels to London, but that has not happened for a while. .

Regarding the journalist Basma Wahba’s question about the absence of pictures of Nour with her father, she confirmed, for her part, that there are pictures of them together, but Nour prefers not to publish them on social media sites.

She answered the question of why there is no personal photo on Nour’s Instagram account of her or her father, the artist Amr Diab, saying: “We have very many photos of each other,” noting that the reason behind not publishing them is Nour’s desire to settle down on her own away from her parents’ fame. .

She continued: “Nour wants to be the person that people follow on her account, and not because of Amr Diab and Sherine Reda.”

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