Sheva, thanks to Hapoel Beer Sheva: Maccabi Tel Aviv’s loss reopened the championship fight?

Maccabi Tel Aviv spoiled all the celebrations this season with Toto Turner. Hapoel Be’er Sheva felt the relief of her arm as if the neighborhood thug had arrived to break up the party and take ownership of it. 6:1 in the European match as part of the Toto Cup in the summer and another small 1:0 in the league, where it happened really effortlessly. This time Beer Sheva didn’t come to celebrate, but mainly its audience, whose fan organization celebrated 10 years to the day it was founded and in the tenth minute they lit dozens of smoke grenades and flares that caused the game to be stopped. At least as far as the southern audience is concerned, Maccabi Tel Aviv should not have been allowed to spoil the celebration in Turner.

But the leader of the table is far from being something threatening. It is first, its gap from Maccabi Haifa is still seven points, but it does not have rapacity or exciting football. She has the right number in the points column, she lost the fewest points against teams inferior to her and in this season’s league it will probably be enough for her to lift a plate. It’s not like her title rival looks better and that’s the story of the entire season. Until the 80th minute, the game between Hapoel Beer Sheva and Maccabi Tel Aviv felt like both teams just wanted not to lose. Beer Sheva did not want to spoil the atmosphere again, while a point would give the visitors another step on the way to the championship. But then, Enrique Savorit sent a karate kick in front of Miguel Vitor inside the box and Antonio Sefer, the substitute, made it 0:1 in the 80th minute, which was all a celebration for the Reds.

Maccabi Tel Aviv failed to win in its third visit of the season to Turner and more than that, it returned home with nothing. Yoni Stoyanov, who came up as a left defender with his right foot, closed Milson hermetically and in terms of Robbie Keane is his man for celebrations in yellow and not only in Beer Sheva. Without Milson, there is no celebration for Maccabi Tel Aviv and this has been the case throughout the entire season. This is the first time that the leader goes down defeated in the league when the Angolan is on the field and we are in the middle of April. If it’s a one-time stumble, no one will remember you in a month when she wins the championship.

Beer Sheva? This time nothing went wrong. Eliniv Barda returned some of the dignity that was left on the floor in the two previous home meetings against Maccabi Tel Aviv. He did it without foreigners in the lineup, with Or Dedia in a rare appearance as a right defender and Stoyanov on the left, but with Roy Gordana in the middle of the field and when he is good, Hapoel Beer Sheva can even inflict Maccabi Tel Aviv with its first loss of the season not in a game against Maccabi Haifa.

Milson and Dor Peretz. Maccabi Tel Aviv got involved? Photo: Barney Ardov
Antonio Separ. decided the match with a late penalty, Photo: Barney Ardov
The flares of the Hapoel Be’er Sheva fans, Photo: Barney Ardov
Hapoel BS fans celebrate a decade of the fan organization, Photo: Barney Ardov
Hapoel Beer Sheva players celebrate, Photo: Barney Ardov

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Eran Zahavi in ​​front of Or Dadia. A game that Maccabi Tel Aviv would like to forget, Photo: Barney Ardov

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