The first clarification from the Ministry of Transport regarding transferring the powers of the entire minister to the president

03:56 PM

Monday, April 15, 2024

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Ministry of Transport issued a media statement regarding what was published on a number of websites under the title “A decision to authorize the Chairman of the Roads and Bridges Authority to exercise the powers of the Minister of Transport.”
The Ministry confirmed that the news is incorrect and that Ministerial Resolution No. 22 of 2024 is limited to authorizing the Minister of Transport to the Chairman of the Roads and Bridges Authority to issue decisions to remove encroachments on the Authority’s property and lands only, with the aim of protecting public money, which the Ministry of Transport is keen on, as the encroachment on state lands and property It is considered a full-fledged crime and all legal measures are taken against anyone who dares to do so.
The statement stressed: The first of these measures is to remove the infringement administratively before taking all measures against the violators, in accordance with Article 970 of the Civil Code.
The Ministry of Transport called on various media outlets to investigate the accuracy and credibility of the news published about the Ministry of Transport and to obtain information from its official sources in the Ministry.

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