The Washington Post: Israel’s response to Iran may not be military

A report by the American newspaper “Washington Post” revealed that the Israeli response to the recent Iranian attack “may not be military,” but rather it may be a cyber attack.

On Monday, the Israeli war government discussed how to respond to the unprecedented air attack it launched IranIn a way that ensures that it does not anger international allies or waste an opportunity to build a strategic international alliance against Tehran.

According to the Washington Post, which quoted an official familiar with the high-level discussions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Israeli army to provide options for targets that could be struck in Iran.

The official said that Israel is considering options that would “send a message but do not cause casualties.”

These options include “a possible strike on a facility in Tehran, or a cyberattack,” according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the talks.

They were leaders Israel They pledged to respond to Iran’s unprecedented attack on Saturday night.

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy said on Monday, during his visit to the Nevatim base in the south of the country, that Israel “will respond to the launching of this very large number of missiles, cruise missiles and drones on the territory of the State of Israel.”

The army broadcast a short video clip showing a shallow hole along a wall, resulting from an Iranian projectile as it landed on the military base.

Later, army spokesman Daniel Hagari said from the same base: “We are doing everything necessary to protect the State of Israel, and we will do so at the occasion and time we choose.”

Tehran launched hundreds of missiles and drones on Saturday night at Israel, in response to the bombing of its consulate in Damascus on April 1.

Israeli air defenses were able to assist United State And other allies were able to intercept the bulk of these missiles and drones.

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