Show dates for the series Al-Kabir Awa 8, Episode 2, on ON channel

Displays Very big series 8starring star Ahmad Makki on Channel ON At 6:05 pm, it will also be shown on the platform Watch it.

Very big series 8 Displays within Ramadan 2024 series Starring Ahmed Mekky, Rahma Ahmed, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Gharib, Hisham Ismail, Mohamed Salam, Samaa Ibrahim, Hussein Haggag, Hatem Salah, and other artists, in addition to the appearance of a number of guests of honor, and the work is produced by Synergy Company, and directed and supervised by Written by Ahmed El Gendy.

It is mentioned that Ahmad Makki He returned to complete the series “The Big One” in the month of Ramadan before last, 2022, by presenting the sixth part after 7 years of hiatus, as Makki presented the fifth part in 2015, and after his return in the sixth part, he achieved great success and the work produced a number of rising comedy stars such as Rahma Ahmed and Hatem. Salah and Mustafa Gharib, and this success was continued by presenting the seventh part last year.

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