Show dates for the series “Sadafa” by Reham Hajjaj on DMC

Tomorrow, DMC channel will start showing the first episodes Coincidence series By the star Reham Hajjaj, in conjunction with the work being shown on Al-Oula, Al-Hayat and CBC channels.

Showtimes for the series “Sadafa” on DMC

The showtime for the series “Sudfa” by Reham Hajjaj comes daily throughout the month of Ramadan at 12:15 am, and the episode will be re-shown at 6:30 am, in conjunction with its showing on the watch it electronic platform.

The story and heroes of the series Coincidence

The events of the series “Sadfa” take place in a social and comedic context, full of excitement and suspense, around the girl “Sadfa”, a history teacher, who is exposed to a coincidence that changes the course of her life upside down, as she finds herself, by chance, in the life of the owner of a chain of hair salons, “Fouad Mahran”, and the events continue. The trouble you are exposed to.

The series also discusses the issues of teenagers and high school students in particular, the social problems that these teenagers go through, and their relationship with their teachers.

Khaled Al-Sawy, Salwa Khattab, Rushdi Al-Shami, Mayar Al-Ghaiti, Rabab Mumtaz, Firas Saeed, Issam Al-Sakka, Nour Ihab, and a number of new young faces are participating in the series “Sidfa”.

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