Social Media: What happens to our accounts when we die?

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Hayley Smith’s husband, Matthew, was diagnosed with grade 4 glioma in 2016

“Some people don’t know that Matthew has died, and they still see his birthday and write happy birthday on his account, which is very annoying,” Hayley says.

Hayley Smith’s husband, Matthew, died more than two years ago after suffering from cancer, at the age of 33. Hayley Smith is still struggling with what to do about his social media accounts.

“I tried to turn Matthew’s Facebook account into a memorial page, and what it asks you to do is upload his death certificate,” says Hayley, who works for a charity and lives in the UK. “I’ve done that more than 20 times and nothing happens, and I don’t have the energy to call Facebook to try.” Solve the problem”.

What is a memorial account?

With advances in technology and billions of people around the world using social media platforms, what happens to someone’s online presence after death has become a huge topic.

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