Spontaneous photos of Bossi and her family from inside her home

Media personality Bossi Shalabi shared her followers on Instagram with a group of photos from inside the house of the late star Nour El Sharif, and conveyed the special Ramadan atmosphere with his family.

Bossi expressed her happiness at having the first iftar in Ramadan with the artist Bossi and her two daughters, Sarah and Mai, and the Mu’tazila artist, Noura. The atmosphere was characterized by spontaneity, as everyone appeared in casual clothes appropriate for the home, and Bossi caught attention with her natural features, which she still maintains and was not subjected to any cosmetic surgery that would completely change her appearance.

The Mu’tazila artist Noura was also present with the rest of the family in the late star’s house, which was equipped with a distinctive decor to welcome the holy month by decorating the rooms with Ramadan decorations with a large colored lantern.

Bossi Shalabi shared photos with her followers in which she appeared with Bossi and her family, and accompanied them with the comment: “The first day of breakfast with the dear ones. Nour Al-Sharif’s house brings us together… Thank you, dear ones.”

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