Starting to wear the summer uniform for policemen. Find out the details

Written by Mahmoud Abdel Rady

Saturday, April 13, 2024 04:17 PM

Today, policemen began wearing summer uniforms, as they are known in the roads and streets and all over Egypt by their distinctive white and black clothing, and their hat that is on top of their heads with a golden eagle in the middle, which is the state’s emblem. These uniforms were determined in accordance with Article (98) of the Police Law, which gave the right to… The Minister of Interior may determine by his decision, after taking the opinion of the Supreme Police Council, the history of those clothes and the reasons for choosing the colors black and white.

Policemen’s clothing is uniform from the rank of major general to conscript, and is changed between the winter and summer seasons. In the winter, they wear black clothing, and in the summer, they wear white clothing. There are camouflage clothing, which are known as field work uniforms, and each of these colors is carefully chosen to be It is appropriate for the nature of the work performed by police officers and the nature of the land on which they work, as well as the time in which they carry out their work.

The distinctive white uniform for policemen, in which they wear a white suit with a gold-colored button-down distributed lengthwise in the middle, in addition to white pants. The white uniform was chosen to be official for policemen to wear in the summer, due to the white color’s ability to reduce body temperature. And it does not absorb the blazing rays of the sun in summer, to provide a degree of comfort for security personnel, enabling them to perform their work.

As for the black uniform, which is not much different from the white uniform, it also consists of a black suit with a white shirt over it and a black tie, and in the middle of the suit is a set of gold-coloured shirts, black trousers, and a hat, and sometimes, especially on days characterized by low temperatures. To a large extent, individuals wear a black pullover, and black was chosen to be the winter uniform, due to the nature of that color, which absorbs temperature and sunlight, and retains them to provide the body with the necessary warmth during that season.

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