stc Group reviews the future prospects of digital innovation at the “LEAP 2024” conference

stc Group, the enabler of digital transformation, announced its strategic partnership at the “LEAP 2024” conference, the most prominent technical event in the world, which will be held in the Riyadh Center during the period from 4 to 7 March 2024.

The third edition of the “LEAP” conference aims to provide a platform that brings together more than 170,000 participants from the most prominent specialists, innovators and experts in the technical and digital fields from all over the world under the slogan “New Horizons.” Over the course of four days, the conference will address various topics in the field of innovation, which include inspiration, cooperation, growth and future prospects.

In its pavilion, stc Group showcases its most prominent achievements and projects that serve various sectors, and which contribute to enhancing the future of digital innovation, including its investments in developing… Smart playgrounds Enriching digital experiences in sports facilities, developing smart infrastructure and smart mobility solutions for mega projects, andHealth care technologies By harnessing the capabilities and technologies of artificial intelligence, blockchain, portable diagnostic tools, and hologram experiments in the field of healthcare, andDigital solutions for logistics services To provide support to the retail, manufacturing and transportation sectors in Saudi Arabia.

The event will witness the participation of representatives of stc Group in various discussion panels, during which they will highlight topics, most notably expanding the scope of communication and the pivotal role of leaders in taking digital transformation to new heights.

In light of the group’s commitment to leading digital transformation in the Kingdom, visitors to the LEAP conference from all over the world will learn about the future vision of stc Group and its endeavors to develop the best solutions in various sectors. stc Group intends to sign a number of important agreements in the field of digital transformation with strategic partners at the conference, which will be revealed in the coming days.

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