Supplication for the sixth day of Ramadan: Oh God, wash me away from my sins

“The Seventh Day” publishes a collection of recommended supplications in the blessed month of Ramadan, the authenticity of which has been proven by the Companions and followers, coinciding with the days of the blessed Ramadan, as the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, stressed the importance of supplication on every day of the month of Ramadan because of the great reward it carries.

Supplication for the sixth day of Ramadan

Oh God, wash me away from sins, purify me from faults, and test my heart in it with piety of hearts. I ask you, O God, in it what pleases you, and I seek refuge in you from what harms you, and I ask Grant me success in it because I obey you and do not disobey you. Make me in it, my Lord, a lover of your friends, hostile to your enemies, guided by the Sunnah of the Seal of your prophets.

In a related context, the Arab jurist and historian Abu Al-Faraj Ibn Al-Jawzi likened the blessed month of Ramadan to our master Joseph, peace be upon him, among the children of Jacob. Ibn Al-Jawzi said in his book “The Garden of the Preachers and the Riyadh of the Listeners”: “It was said that the twelve months are like the sons of Jacob, peace be upon them, and the month of Ramadan is among the months like Joseph among His brothers, just as Joseph was the most beloved of children to Jacob, so Ramadan is the most beloved of months to the Knower of the Unseen.”

Regarding the virtue of the holy month, he said: The month of Ramadan is not like it in all other months, and no nation has been favored by it other than this nation in all the ages. Sins in it are forgiven, striving in it is glorified, the believer in it is incarcerated, the devil is far away, and the burden and sin in it is forsaken, and the heart of the believer is inhabited by the remembrance of God, and He has foretold your annihilation. Few are departing from you, a witness for you or against you, a caller to the news of misery or happiness, decrease or increase, and he is weak and responsible from a Lord who does not change or fade away. He informs about what is deprived of you and what is accepted. By God, God, honor his day by fulfilling the fast and cut off his night by long weeping and praying, so that you may attain the abode of eternity and peace with Looking at the face of the One of Majesty and Honor and accompanying the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

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