The 3 most prominent statements by Yousra with Chafki El-Muniri topped the trend

Issue a name Artist Yousra Trending recently due to her being a guest on Nile Radio in an episode with Al-Muniri saw you From her program, I Was 20, and one of her most prominent statements was her recalling memories of her twenties.

Yusra She said about that period that she was very thin, and did not weigh more than 45 kilograms, which caused her distress, especially since she was very tall, which showed her thinness, stressing that she was eating anything that might cause her to gain weight.

Yousra confirmed that her artistic beginning was when she was 19 years old, and during the seventies there was great artistic activity for her, noting that she was filming 6 films in one day.

Artist Yousra During the meeting, she also touched on being lucky by saying: “I am fortunate to work with great stars and great creators, whether artists, authors, or directors, who contributed to my stardom and greatly enriched my talent, which has helped me until today.”

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