The Assassins series, Episode 3.. What is the job of the King’s Funny and how did it move to Europe?

During the third episode of The Assassins series Starring the star Karim Abdel Aziz, which is shown at 9:15 pm exclusively on the DMC screen, events developed with Malak Shah, whose role is played by the artist Islam Jamal, who was able to reach the throne of Seljuk rule, and during the king’s meeting with members of his royal family at the dining table, someone asked The individuals asked the person sitting next to him about his job in the palace, and the latter replied, “The Sultan is funny,” so what is this job?

A joker, clown, playboy, or acrobat is a person whose main job is to make people laugh and entertain them. There is hardly a nation in any era that is devoid of the presence of this character whom God has given the great ability to make others laugh using the means of storytelling, acting, and the various elements of laughter, such as reciting anecdotes, making funny comments, and making movements and gestures. Laughable, as well as imitating humans, animals, various sounds of nature, and other funny methods in every era and place.

Not every funny person possesses all of these talents. Rather, some funny people excel in certain talents and others possess other talents in making them laugh.

The Arabs in the past knew this character, whether it was the people’s joker, such as Ash’ab, Al-Ghadiri, and Ibn Al-Maghazili, or the joker of the caliphs and notables, such as Abu Dalama and Ibn Abi Maryam Al-Madani.

In Europe, the king’s clown also appeared around the eleventh century, and at a later stage there were schools to train them. To make fools to make them laugh and acquire the wisdom of madness requires a lot of culture, practice, and performance control, so that the clown remains with the king for life and remains familiar with the scenes of rule.

It is noteworthy that Episode 2 of The Assassins series At its beginning, it witnessed the travel of Karim Abdel Aziz.Good morning“, to Cairo, accompanied by his family, and as soon as he entered, he found Cairo in the most difficult crisis in its entire history, after seeing the manifestations of famine negatively affecting the country in a bad way, as thieves increased and killing increased, and children also became in danger due to famine, and no one was safe anymore because of this. After the Nile level decreased, which caused agriculture to deteriorate and everyone was in distress. The episode also witnessed Karim Abdel Aziz (Hassan Al-Sabah) interview with Badr Al-Din Al-Gamali, whose role is embodied by the artist Muhammad Suleiman Abdel-Malik. The latter asked Al-Sabah to leave the country immediately, but Al-Sabah succeeded in doing so. Convincing him to continue living in the holy country of Egypt.

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