The Assassins series, Episode 4.. What is the “calendar”?

In the fourth episode of the series The Assassinsstarring the artist Karim Abdel Aziz, which is shown on the channel dmc Daily, Malik Shah praised Omar Khayyam’s calculations regarding the calendar and algebra, so we will review in the following lines what the “calendar” is.

The calendar is an annual publication of the calendar, in addition to other information about weather forecasts, seed times, and tidal times. Timings, holidays, and popular events are also added to the calendar. The name in most European languages, Almanac, is most likely derived from the Arabic language, from the word climate.

Exciting events witnessed The fourth episode of the Assassin series It began with the arrival of Hassan al-Sabah (Karim Abdel Aziz) to the city of Acre, where he met Zaid bin Sayhoun (Ahmed Eid), and told him that he would meet with Nizam al-King (Fathi Abdel Wahhab), to which Ahmed Eid responded by saying: “We now have 200 followers who will be around Isfahan, and all of them are with you.” In your invitation.

The episode continued its exciting events with Nizam al-Mulk (Fathi Abd al-Wahhab) requesting Sultan Malik Shah to join Good morning Zaid bin Sayhun was sent to the kingdom’s court, which is what actually happened.

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