The attack in Rafah is at the center of world headlines; IDF: We used precision weaponry

9:00 – The attack in Rafah made headlines in the media around the world. The world media, unsurprisingly, chose to focus on the reports of the death of 35 people as a result of the IDF attack in Rafah – but often also mentioned the rocket fire into Gush Dan that preceded it. On many websites the news about the attack took the main headline, while on others it Got a prominent place on the main page.

The British BBC network reported tonight that the Ministry of Health run by Hamas reported dozens of dead and wounded in an explosion in the displaced persons camp near Rafah – and referred to the IDF’s statement, which confirmed that an airstrike had been carried out on the Hamas compound and that it was investigating the incident, without referring to the killing of the senior officials. The network, which often criticizes Israel, said that earlier Hamas launched eight rockets from a Rafah towards Tel Aviv for the first time since January. It was also noted that the rocket barrage emphasizes the threat that Hamas still poses to residents throughout Israel, “even though there were no reports of casualties.”

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Shrapnel that fell in the yard of a house in Herzliya 5/26/24 Gaza WarShrapnel that fell in the yard of a house in Herzliya 5/26/24 Gaza War

A fragment that fell yesterday in the yard of a house in Herzliya


The news stated that Israel’s military operation in Rafah continues, “even though the International Court of Justice ruled on Friday that it must stop.” In Israel, let’s remember, the Hague decision was interpreted as giving the green light for the continuation of the operation in Rafah, as long as it does not include “genocide”.

On the CNN network, which reports on the progress of the fighting in the Gaza Strip on the blog Raphotim Haim almost every day since the outbreak of the war, it was reported on the basis of the announcement by the Ministry of Health in Gaza about the deaths “in Israel’s attack on the displaced persons camp”. The website stated that in the videos distributed on social networks, a large fire can be seen on the spot and fire crews working on the spot. “In the area that was attacked, a facility serves as a shelter for dozens of families, surrounded by hundreds of tents.”

In the report on the American network, they relied mainly on the announcements of the Palestinian authorities in Gaza and repeated the claim that displaced persons who sought refuge there were attacked, “in an area that the Israeli army declared a safe place”. The network later referred to the IDF spokesman’s announcement about the use of precision weapons and intelligence information about Hamas’ use of the compound. “Israel’s actions in Rafah served as a catalyst for the unprecedented level of diplomatic pressure it is now facing against the background of the war in Gaza,” it was stated at the end of the news. In the posts that followed, The network reported on the elimination of the senior officials and the criticism voiced by the “Doctors Without Borders” organization about the attack.

The “Sky News” network reported on the attack, which was carried out “after Hamas launched rockets at Tel Aviv for the first time in months.” After bringing the messages from the Palestinian authorities and also the response of the IDF spokesperson, the order of the court in The Hague was noted, “which ordered Israel to stop the attack in Rafah, while Israel insists that this is the key to self-defense and its goal is to completely collapse Hamas.”

The New York Times, where the news did not appear in the main headline, reported on the attack, the assassination of senior Hamas officials and the announcements by the Palestinian authorities – but noted in a comment that “The New York Times was unable to immediately verify the details of the airstrike. The attack occurred hours after Hamas fired a barrage of rockets towards central Israel, and set off alarms in Tel Aviv for the first time in months.”

In the report of the American newspaper, Dr. James Smith, “a British expert in emergency medicine who is in Rafah,” was quoted. According to him, “the attack killed displaced people who sought refuge and shelter in tarpaulin tents.” He said that he was reporting from a house that is a few kilometers away from the trauma center operated by the humanitarian organization “Doctors Without Borders,” a distance he says is too dangerous to cross. Dr. Smith claimed that the videos his colleagues shared with him were among the “worst he had seen.”

Smith also said that although the UN estimates that more than 800,000 people fled Rafah after the IDF launched an operation in the east of the city, “the area remains densely populated. These are very, very dense tents, such a fire could spread to a huge distance with catastrophic consequences In a very short period of time. This attack is one of the most horrible things I’ve seen or heard about in all the weeks I’ve been working in Gaza.”

The British “Guardian” also reported on the attack and linked it to the barrage that was fired earlier from Rafah toward the center. Alongside the documentation of the destruction at the site, the IDF’s response and the elimination of the senior officials were noted.

8:28 – Three anti-tank missiles hit Margaliot, no casualties. Three anti-tank missiles hit the Beit Ha’am in Moshav Margaliot in the Galilee. There were no casualties in the incident. (Yair Krauss)

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The damage to the People's House in Moshav Margaliot from a N. missile strike"ninthThe damage to the People's House in Moshav Margaliot from a N. missile strike"ninth

The damage to the People’s House in Moshav Margaliot from an anti-tank missile hit

7:51 – The IDF raided houses in the village of Dan near Jenin, cars caught fire. Tonight, the IDF raided houses in the village of Dan near Jenin, and according to the Palestinians confiscated several vehicles. Clashes broke out between Palestinians and the forces, and several cars caught fire. According to the army, these vehicles contained explosive devices. (Elisha Ben Kimon, Einav Halabi)

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Cars catch fire in the village of Dan near JeninCars catch fire in the village of Dan near Jenin

Cars catch fire in the village of Dan near Jenin

7:25 – Reports: Intense shelling and bombing in Jabaliya. The Al Jazeera network reports on Israeli shelling and massive Israeli airstrikes on Jabaliya in the north of the Gaza Strip. In addition, it was reported that shots were fired from Navy vessels towards the beaches of Nuseirat and Zahra in the center of the Gaza Strip. (Dairy grape)

04:30 – The White House: “We are aware of the incident in Rafah and are gathering additional information.” A spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House referred to the attack in Rafah, in which two senior members of the West Bank headquarters of Hamas were killed and it was reported in the Gaza Strip that dozens were killed, saying: “We are aware of the reports about the incident in Rafah and are gathering more information.” (Daniel Adelson, New York)

1:27 – The Palestinian Authority condemned the attack in Rafah: “It was deliberately aimed at the displaced persons camp”

The Palestinian Authority condemned the operation in Rafah, and accused Israel of a deliberate attack on the displaced persons camp, where the authorities in the Hamas-controlled strip claimed that at least 35 people had been killed. “This terrible massacre carried out by the Israeli occupation forces is a challenge to all international decisions concerning legitimacy,” the authority said in a statement. (Reuters)

0:45 – IDF: These are the senior terrorists we eliminated in the attack in Rafah. The IDF spokesman informed that in last night’s attack in Rafah, Air Force aircraft, guided by the intelligence of the Iman and Shin Bet, attacked and killed the terrorist Yassin Rabia, the head of the West Bank headquarters of Hamas, and the terrorist Khaled Nagar, a senior officer in the West Bank headquarters of the terrorist organization.

According to the IDF’s statement, the attack was carried out in the area of ​​Tel a-Sultan in the northwest of Rafah and based on accurate intelligence. The West Bank headquarters in Hamas is responsible for the direction, financing and support of carrying out terrorist attacks in the territories of Judea and Samaria and in the interior of the country. Rabie managed all the military formations of the West Bank headquarters of an organization Terrorism, was involved in the transfer of funds for terrorist purposes and orchestrated attacks by Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria. It was also reported that Rabia “carried out a number of murderous attacks in the past, including attacks in 2001 and 2002, in which IDF soldiers were killed.”

Nagar, a senior officer in the West Bank headquarters of the organization that was eliminated, directed shooting attacks and other terrorist acts in Judea and Samaria, and was involved in the transfer of funds intended for terrorism for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In the past, it was reported, Khaled carried out a number of murderous attacks, among others, in the years 2001-2003, in which Israeli civilians were murdered, and soldiers were killed and wounded. The IDF spokesman emphasized once again that “the reports according to which as a result of the attack and the fire that broke out in the area a number of non-involved people were injured, the incident is under investigation, are known.”

The incident in Rafah could turn out to be particularly explosive, when in the background there is a lot of opposition in the world to the IDF’s operation in the city in the southern Gaza Strip, and the order issued just last weekend by the International Court of Justice – in which it demanded a halt to any military action in Rafah that could result in “the complete or partial destruction of the Palestinian population”. The language of the order.

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