The audience’s opinions are divided regarding the first episode of the Plan B series

Public opinions were divided on social media after the first episode of the Plan B series was shown on MBC1 at the beginning of Ramadan 2024.

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Regarding the details, some saw that the script was a bit weak and far from comedy, while another group saw that the series was terrible as long as both Ibrahim Hajjaj and Mila Al-Zahrani were in it.

Ramadan 2024 - Behind the scenes of filming "Plan B"
Ibrahim, for his part, shared a series of tweets on

Riyad Al-Musallam, a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Sports Media Federation, said via X, “The star Ibrahim Hajjaj is good at choosing the appropriate character for him, which is what made his work successful.”

Ibrahim shared a behind-the-scenes photo with the work team yesterday, commenting, “#Ramadan2024 #Ramadan, O Lord, O Generous. Plan B on Shahid and mbc1.”
He also thanked the Al-Thaqafiya channel for allocating prime time to showing youth series such as “Shabab Al-Bomb,” “Sakat Safar,” “Ashraar,” and the Plan B series, saying, “Words of thanks are not enough to express gratitude to His Highness the Minister of Culture for his faith in the Saudi youth. Thank you, the Ministry of Culture from all my heart”.

The story of the Plan B series

After their cinematic success and winning the 2024 Joy Award, Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj and Ibrahim Khairallah met again in the social comedy “Plan B”, written by Hani Sarhan, screenplay and dialogue by Sami Al-Fulaih with a workshop of Saudi writers and signed by director Munir Al-Zoubi, which is shown on MBC1 and “Watch” throughout the month of Ramadan.

The work presents the story of a unique theatrical team, consisting of a group of friends who came together after a long absence with the aim of carrying out specific tasks, which do not highlight their acting talents and artistic abilities, as much as they are forced to carry out what is required of them without objection or discussion, to achieve a specific goal. The work includes a group of actors, some of whom are experiencing comedy for the first time, including Mila Al-Zahrani, Fawz Abdullah, Fouad, Ziad Al-Omari, Hakim Jumaa, and others.

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