The Civilizational Coordination Authority includes the name of His Excellency Zayed within the “Live Here” project

03:00 AM

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Cairo – A Sh A

The National Organization for Cultural Coordination at the Ministry of Culture included the name of the late artist, His Excellency Zayed, within the “He Lived Here” project, which aims to celebrate public figures who influenced Egypt’s modern history in various fields.

Her Excellency Zayed was born in Cairo. She studied at the Faculty of Art Education and graduated in 1975. She loved drawing, and 22 paintings she painted before her death were displayed in an exhibition at the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum inaugurated by the Minister of Culture.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and entered the world of art after the death of her mother, where she was discovered by director Nour Al-Demerdash, and presented her through the series The Promised Night in 1976. She and director Raafat Al-Mihi formed a successful duo and presented a series of the most important films in her artistic career.

It is worth noting that the “He Lived Here” project aims to document the buildings and places in which artists, filmmakers, the most famous writers, musicians, poets, the most important visual artists and historical figures lived, who contributed to enriching the cultural and artistic movement in Egypt throughout Egypt’s modern history.

This project is carried out in cooperation with artistic authorities and institutions, and those interested in documenting the cultural and artistic heritage in Egypt are sought to verify the information and data collected. This project is activated by placing a sign on the building showing the name of the artist who resided in the building, and a brief overview of his most important works and artistic history uploaded to the application. (QR), which can be used via smart phones and advanced tablets, which helps spread awareness and knowledge of the history of important figures and buildings throughout the Republic.

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