The Croatia national team thanks Egypt for saving the quadrennial tournament before Euro 2024

Marijan Kostic, President of the Croatian Football Federation, extended special thanks to Egypt for hosting Friendly sessionWhich was scheduled to be held in the Emirates, before it was suddenly transferred to Egypt, a few days before its start, which comes on the sidelines of the Croatia national team’s preparations for Euro 2024.

The Croatia national team is preparing to participate in Euro 2024, which will be held in Germany next summer, where it is placed in Group B with Spain, Italy and Albania.

The Egyptian Federation issued a statement saying: “The football federations of Egypt, Croatia, Tunisia, and New Zealand agreed to hold the international friendly tournament that includes the four teams in Cairo, instead of the Emirates, as was previously scheduled, and that the Egyptian Football Association will organize the tournament.”

According to the agreement, the tournament will be held between March 18 and 26 according to the previously determined format, where the Egyptian team will face its New Zealand counterpart, and the Tunisian and Croatian teams will meet in the semi-finals, with the match to determine the third place between the losers being held on March 25, and the two winners will meet in the match. Final on March 26th.

Kostic said, in statements on the official website of the Croatian Federation: “We regret this result, but we had to respond and protect the sporting interest of the national team, as well as the commercial interests of the Federation. I thank my colleagues from New Zealand, Tunisia and Egypt with whom we had open communications, and we jointly agreed on all matters.” Steps.

He added: “We particularly appreciate Egypt’s willingness to take over the organization of this tournament. Most importantly, we were able to ensure that the national team did not significantly change the national team’s plan. We have the same competitors and remain loyal to the idea of ​​enabling the team to spend a good week together.”

He continued: “Changing the location does not change our plans much, and I thank Al-Ittihad for finding an appropriate solution in such a short time in cooperation with the remaining participants in the tournament. In Zagreb and Cairo, we will have all the conditions to achieve it.”

For his part, Zlatko Dalic, coach of the Croatia national team, said: “Our goals are to play two competitive matches, do good training, spend a good time together, and enhance the good atmosphere before the Euro 2024 tournament this summer.”

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