The Cultural Coordination Authority includes the name of the late His Excellency Zayed within the “He Lived Here” project

The National Organization for Cultural Coordination at the Ministry of Culture included the name of the late artist, His Excellency Zayed, within the “He Lived Here” project, which aims to celebrate public figures who influenced Egypt’s modern history in various fields.

The late artist Maali Zayed, an Egyptian actress, graduated from the College of Art Education and then the Institute of Dramatic Arts. Her artistic beginning was on television, and her first work was the series (The Promised Night).

Her works on television also include (Tears in Shameless Eyes, Al-Hawi, and Heat Wave), and she also worked in theater in the plays (Sukar Ziyada, Midaq Alley, and I and the Government).

Her Excellency Zayed began working in cinema in 1978, and her first film was (The Lost of Life, My Son). Among her most prominent cinematic works are (The Egg and the Stone, Ladies and Ladies, Qasr Al-Shouq, Gentlemen). She passed away on November 10, 2014 after a battle with lung cancer.

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