The death of musician Helmy Bakr… an extended artistic career that reached 1,500 melodies for major stars

The great musician Helmy Bakr passed away a short while ago, after a struggle with illness, after an extended artistic career and a long history with the greatest artistic works.

Musician Helmy Bakr passed away amidst a great deal of controversy that continued for days, between statements from his son, brother, and wife, about concealing his whereabouts from his son and brother.

Helmy Bakr

Helmy Bakr

Musician Helmy Bakr passed away in Kafr Saqr Hospital in Sharkia after his health condition deteriorated. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, a member of the Musicians Syndicate Council, announced to “Youm7” that the Syndicate had confirmed its full readiness to treat the great musician Helmy Bakr, provided that his family agreed, because the Syndicate would not provide treatment. Something without the approval of his family, but fate did not give them the opportunity for Helmy Bakr to leave, leaving all those differences behind him.

The wife of the late musician Samah Al-Qurashi revealed that his health condition had worsened significantly over the past 3 months, and that he was dying, noting that she had turned the house into a hospital for his health, and sought the help of a doctor and conducted the necessary examinations for him.

Musician Helmy Bakr performed more than 1,500 music compositions, during which he collaborated with leading singers in the Arab world, most notably Warda, Najat, Laila Murad, Medhat Saleh, Muhammad Al-Helou, Ali Al-Hajjar, and others.

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