The death toll from the Odessa attack in Ukraine has risen to 21 people… and Zelensky vows to respond

Zelensky added – in a video speech reported by the Ukrainform news agency – that there are also a number of wounded who are being provided with the necessary assistance through the competent authorities and the Ministry of the Interior.

The Ukrainian president warned that this attack would be followed by “military responses to Russia,” adding, “These weeks have proven to many that the Russian war machine has weak points that we can reach with our weapons. I am grateful to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Security Service, and Defense Intelligence for their new far-reaching capabilities.” “Range. I am equally grateful to our defense industrial complex and to everyone who works for Ukrainian power.”

Zelensky pointed out that his country may use drones in its upcoming attacks.

Ukrainian officials said yesterday that a missile attack launched by Russian forces hit civilian infrastructure in the Ukrainian city of Odessa overlooking the Black Sea, killing at least 20 people and wounding 73 others.

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