The Egyptian national team.. Details of the first meeting between Hossam Hassan and the players

The technical staff of the first Egyptian national football team was led by Hossam Hassan The technical director and Ibrahim Hassan, the national team manager, met with the players in Egyptian team In the presence of Gamal Allam, Chairman of the Football Association, before the Pharaohs’ first training session under the leadership of Hossam Hassan.

Hossam Hassan, the team’s technical director, also welcomed the players and stressed that Egypt deserves the best and raising the team’s name high in international forums, and this will only come with effort and sweat.

He explained that the team’s door is open to everyone and everyone who does their best, and called for the need to please the Egyptian people who are thirsty for the team to achieve titles in the coming period.

Talib Ibrahim Hassan, Director Egypt national team After welcoming them, he told the players the need to do their best and restore the prestige of his country’s national team.

He concluded that the coming period requires concerted efforts from everyone to correct the image of the national team and make the Egyptian people happy, especially since the national team has not achieved any championships since 2010, and that the national team will only include the fighting player who deserves the national team shirt.

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