The first comment by the Enppi striker after joining the Egyptian national team

Enppi striker Ahmed Amin Ofa said: “I received news that I had joined the list Egypt national team While I was with my friends,” he pointed out that he had been hoping to be on the Egyptian national team roster for some time and was seeking to appear in a distinctive way.

The Enppi striker added, in statements to the No. 10 program on Channel One with journalist Karim Ramzy: “My agent, Ahmed Raafat, was the first to congratulate me after I joined the Egyptian national team.”

Ahmed Amin Ova continued: I learn from Hossam Hassan On the field, he is a legend for me, of course, and I try to follow in his footsteps.

The technical staff of the first Egyptian national football team, led by Hossam Hassan, announced the Egyptian national team’s list for the matches between Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau, scheduled for June 6 and 10 in the third and fourth rounds of the African qualifiers for the World Cup. The list was as follows:

The list was as follows:

Mohammed Al Shinnawy
Mustafa Schubert
Mohammed Awad
Mahdi Suleiman
Mohamed Abdel Moneim
Rami Rabiea
Yasser Ibrahim
Ahmed Ramadan Beckham
Mohamed Hany
Akram Tawfiq
Mohammed Hamdi
Ahmed Fattouh
Marwan Attia
Hamdi Fathi
Ahmed Nabil Koka
Imam Ashour
Ahmed Sayed Zizo
Nasser Maher
Mohamed Salah
Mustafa Fathi
Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet
Mustafa Mohammed
Muhammad Al-Shami
Ahmed Amin Ofa
Mohammed Sherif

The Egyptian national team is preparing to face Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau in the third and fourth rounds of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

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