The first day of Ramadan 2024.. Dar Al-Iftaa sets the deadline tomorrow – Egypt News

Dar Al-Iftaa will begin surveying the crescent of the month of Ramadan tomorrow, Sunday, according to what it announced on its official page, to determine the first day of Ramadan 2024. It is usual that if the sighting of the crescent is not verified with the naked eye on the day of the crescent survey on the twenty-ninth of the month of Shaban, Monday will be the completion of the month. Shaaban, and if the crescent is sighted, Monday will be the first day of the month of fasting.

Fatwa determines the first day of Ramadan 2024

Dar Al-Iftaa is scheduled to conduct a Ramadan crescent reconnaissance tomorrow, Sunday, at six-thirty in the evening, after sunset on the twenty-ninth of Shaban. House of Fatwa The Crescent survey and the announcement of the first day of Ramadan 2024 were broadcast on its official page on social media platforms. Egyptian television will also broadcast the results of the Crescent survey in an official ceremony in the Grand Celebration Hall of the Al-Azhar Conference Center in Nasr City, in the presence of senior statesmen and a number of public figures.

Map of obedience in Ramadan 2024

And published by Dar Fatwa Al-Masryah, through its official website and pages, in conjunction with the designation of the first day of Ramadan 2024, is a map of obedience in the blessed month, which includes special programs for “children in Ramadan, housewives in Ramadan, a message of light (a daily message), fatwas for the sick, fatwas for women, in addition to broadcasting the Fajr Quran. , broadcasting the Maghrib Qur’an, reminding of the best supplications and tahajjud prayers at dawn, in addition to daily reminders of the best deeds in Ramadan, publishing prayer times, posting the best supplications before the Maghrib call to prayer, and publishing short videos related to fasting, which will be broadcast on the house’s platforms.

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