The first speech of the new Iranian President Masoud Pezeshkian

The Iranian president-elect said Masoud Bezeshkian In his first speech, he said, “I have not lied to you in this electoral process, nor have I said a dishonest word,” according to Western media.

Pezeshkian stressed to the Iranian people that they need your help and the help of the wise leadership to work in these difficult circumstances.

In front of Khomeini’s shrine, the new president pledged to continue the “march of the martyrs of the Islamic Republic,” and addressed the Iranian people, saying, “Today we begin a new chapter to implement the legitimate demands of the Iranians.”

Bazeshkian called on the Legislative Council to work in harmony with the next government to overcome obstacles, and to “open a new page and unite for the sake of the homeland.”

Iranian authorities announced the victory of reformist Masoud Pezeshkian in the second round of the presidential elections held yesterday. According to spokesman Mohsen Eslami, Pezeshkian received 16,384,403 votes, while Saeed Jalili received 13,538,179 votes, after counting 30,530,157 votes from polling stations inside and outside the country. The turnout in the second round of the presidential elections was 49.8%.

The Iranian President-elect, Masoud Pezeshkian, was born in September 1954 (69 years old) in Mahabad, to an Iranian Azerbaijani father and an Iranian Kurdish mother. He is a heart surgeon and a teacher of the Holy Quran.

The following points include Bezeshkian’s views:

– Iran’s internal problems cannot be solved without solving problems with the outside world.

He stressed that the country’s administration is based on constructive dealings with the world on the basis of dialogue and negotiation with various countries.

He called for improving relations between Iran and Western countries, especially America, on the basis of the three pillars of dignity, wisdom and interest.

He announced that he would put at the top of his government’s priorities the revival of the nuclear agreement, which is in Iran’s interest, and if it were not so, Trump would not have withdrawn from it.

– He considered that it is in Iran’s interest to join the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) in order to develop and facilitate trade with other countries.

He stressed that he would put an end to the differences between the political forces, which he says are the “main cause of the country’s problems”, and seek the help of the best experts and specialists.

He promised that he would follow up on the problems of workers, retirees and employees and work in a way that would eliminate poverty, discrimination and corruption in the country.

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