The name of the artist Nisreen Tafesh was removed from the lists of those banned from traveling

05:58 PM

Monday, May 13, 2024

Mohamed Ismail, the lawyer of the artist Nisreen Tafesh, said that the Public Prosecutor ordered the cancellation of her travel ban from airports and ports after submitting a certificate from the court stating that the case had ended accusing her of writing a bad reconciliation check and paying the amount.

Ismail added that last Wednesday, he submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor to remove her name from the travel ban lists, attaching evidence that she had paid the amount of the check and a certificate confirming her reconciliation in the case, and it was approved and she was allowed to travel at any time.

Nisreen Tafesh’s defense went on to say that it was confirmed by the Criminal Investigation Department and the Public Security Department that his client was not requested in other cases and that her name was removed from the lists of people banned from traveling. As a result, the artist went to Cairo Airport to book a ticket to Dubai next Thursday without any obstacles.

The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, received a certificate from the docket of the South Giza Court. The case of her imprisonment for 3 years in the incident of a bad check has ended with reconciliation, to be handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to lift the decision to be included on the travel ban lists, which was issued No. 454099 on July 26, 2023, by decision of the Public Prosecutor.

The October Court of Misdemeanor Appeals had ruled that the criminal case in the appeal submitted by the artist Nisreen Tafesh against her 3-year imprisonment in the case of a bad check for reconciliation had expired.

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