The National Bank offers a new certificate with an interest rate of 30% for a period of 3 years

New certificate from National Bank of Egypt Three consecutive years at an annual rate of 30% for the first year, 25% for the second year, and 20% for the third year. The return is paid on an annual basis.

The rate of return on the three-year decreasing platinum rate was also modified with the monthly return disbursement period to become an annual rate of 26% for the first year, 22% for the second year, and 18% for the third year for new issues from today, March 6, 2024.

The Alco Committee also decided to amend the return rate on the three-year platinum certificate with a fixed return to 21.5% annually for new issuances from today, March 6, 2024, instead of 19% with the monthly interest disbursement period.

With the continuation of the platinum certificates for a period of one year, with an annual return of 27%, which is disbursed at the end of the period, and 23.5%, the return is disbursed monthly, and a new exchange periodicity was introduced at an annual return rate of 23%, with a daily interest disbursement periodicity.

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