President Sisi and the Prime Minister of Armenia witness the signing ceremony of agreements and memorandums of understanding

And a contract President Sisi The Prime Minister of Armenia held a discussion session that dealt with ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, where the two sides praised the historical relations that bind the Egyptian and Armenian peoples, and stressed their satisfaction with the level of joint coordination.

Bilateral cooperation and the prospects for expanding it in various fields were also reviewed, in a way that lives up to the aspirations of the two friendly peoples.

And a price Prime Minister of Armenia Egypt’s balanced position on the conflict, adding: “We formulated and presented the Peace Crossroads as an initiative to revive and implement what might change the situation in the entire region, and thus we build effective joint cooperation by linking the North, South, West and East.”

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Armenia expressed his country’s regret over the worsening situation in the Gaza Strip and the occurrence of tens of thousands of innocent victims, stressing that “we witnessed for ourselves an attack on peaceful civilians and civilian infrastructure, and we are intensifying our efforts with calls and appeals to the international community for a ceasefire,” stressing his country’s support for a solution. “The two states”


He praised Prime Minister of Armenia With Egypt’s efforts to bring in aid, receive wounded Palestinians, and evacuate foreigners, he said that given Armenia’s need for advice from the Egyptian side, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip was discussed in light of some logistical problems; He thanked President Sisi for his initiative and willingness to help.

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