The owner of the car in the “Gathering Girl” incident: “The Uber driver has no problems

02:12 AM

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Books – Ramadan Younes:

“Ahmed Shaaban,” the owner of the Elantra car – which was rented by an Uber driver – said in the “Gathering Girl” incident that the accused “H.H.” rented the car 9 months before the incident and that he had not received any problems from the company against him.

The car owner explained: He signed with the “Uber driver” a trust receipt without a specific amount of money, a “blank check,” confirming that he trusted “H.H.H” since he rented his car. “He rented my old car and I entrusted him with the new car.”

The car owner pointed out: H.H., the Uber driver, has not received any problems from him since he rented the car. “He maintains Arabic.”

The Public Prosecution’s investigating authorities are examining the memory card of the surveillance camera installed in the driver’s car to detail the extent of the circumstances of the incident.

“Hassan,” the second Uber driver, who received the “Gathering Girl” ride after the first driver, left the second Nasr City prosecutor’s office, after hearing his statements regarding the incident of assaulting a girl in the gathering area.

The girl accused the aforementioned driver of cooperating with the main accused driver, after he showed up at her residence to take her to Sheikh Zayed City, while she did not request him through the application.

The girl in the gathering changed her statement after discovering that he had come to the residence based on an automatic request from the application to provide the nearest driver for her after the accused canceled the trip, so the investigation authorities decided to exclude him from the accusation and dismiss him from the investigation authorities.

For its part, the prosecution ordered that the accused driver be referred to forensic medicine to determine whether he had taken narcotic substances or not. It also ordered the seizure of the weapon used in the incident.

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