The price of gold in Saudi Arabia increased during today’s trading. You will not believe the price of a gram of gold

At the beginning of morning trading today, Thursday, the price of gold in Saudi Arabia recorded new and high levels within the local markets. The current price of a gram of 24-karat gold reached a level of 259.87 Saudi riyals, after stabilizing over the past days with a slight decline, while the price of a gold pound reached 8 grams. The amount of 21 karat gold reached 2,182.87 Saudi riyals, so we know the price of gold in all the gold karats announced today in the local market.

Gold price in Saudi Arabia today

Gold price in Saudi Arabia

Gold prices today recorded new prices in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the resumption of morning trading. The following prices were reached according to the latest update:

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The price of an ounce of gold in Saudi Arabia

Gold price in Saudi Arabia

An ounce of gold. We learn about the latest update about its price in the case of buying and selling today, and it came as follows:

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What is the price of gold manufacturing in Saudi Arabia?

The workmanship of a gram of gold in the market varies from one merchant to another.

Which is better to buy gold from Saudi Arabia or from Egypt?

Buying gold in Saudi Arabia.

What is the amount of gold allowed to travel from Saudi Arabia?

The equivalent price is 60,000 Saudi riyals.

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