“Touched the ball”: Raina misses against Maccabi Haifa?

A moment of controversy at Green Stadium. Maccabi Haifa took the lead against Bnei Rayna from a successful penalty by Anan Halaili, but the whistle that sent the Maccabi Haifa player to the penalty spot caused great anger in the host.

The incident took place in the 15th minute, when Sembinia went down to tackle Lior Rafalov, who fell in the box on the way to awarding a penalty. However, the contact happened right on the extension line or slightly before it, when it is a borderline decision whether Haifa should receive a penalty or a free kick.

In any case, Barina argued that there was no need to whistle for the offense at all. “He touched the ball,” Sharon Mimer was angry at the fourth referee, when the team bench was outraged: “It’s easy to whistle against us.” What do you think? Vote in the poll >>

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