The second Arab country to close its airspace and monitor Iranian marches in its skies

The Iraqi authorities announced the closure of the country’s airspace and the cessation of air traffic, becoming the second Arab country to close the airspace due to tensions in the region.

Transport Minister Razzaq Al-Saadawi told the Iraqi News Agency “INA” that “Iraqi airspace has been closed and air traffic has stopped.”

Three security sources told Reuters on Saturday that a number of drones were seen flying from the direction of Iran over the Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah.

The White House confirmed that “Iran has begun an air attack on Israel,” while the Israeli army said that “Israel is working with the United States with the aim of intercepting Iranian marches.”

Israel said on Saturday that a barrage of Iranian drones was launched towards it, and that the defense systems were ready to shoot them down or to sound sirens to ask residents in any threatened area to take shelter.

The Israeli army’s chief spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said in a televised press conference that the drones will take several hours to reach Israel.

The Israeli Airports Authority announced the closure of Israeli airspace to incoming and outgoing flights.

The Israeli army confirmed that “the Air Force is currently conducting patrols.”

Israeli TV news Channel 12 reported on Saturday that Iran had launched dozens of drones at targets in Israel and that their flight time was expected to take hours.

Retired General Amos Yadlin said in an interview with the channel that the drones are equipped with twenty kilograms of explosives each, and that Israeli air defenses are ready to shoot them down.

The Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority in Jordan announced on Saturday that the Kingdom had decided to temporarily close its airspace to all incoming, departing and transiting aircraft, “in light of the escalation of surrounding risks in the region.”

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