The series “Reasons for Travel” tops the list of most watched on the Watch It platform

Releases the series ” Reasons for travel “, the list of the most watched on the Watch It platform, and ranked No. 1 on the list, and the series is the latest original work on the platform, and consists of 10 episodes, and shows two episodes every Wednesday, and shows 4 episodes of the series.


It stars Amir Eid, Kamel Al-BashaNadine, Ahmed Ghazi, Ayman Al-Shiwi, Jala Hisham, Ahmed Fadel, Donia Wael, Salma Al-Kashef, Nader Gouda, Aya Helmy, Adam Al-Alfi, Maryam Naoum, Yasmine Samir, written and directed by Muhammad Nair.

The star Amir Eid is collaborating with the screenwriter Mohamed Nair in the series “Reasons for Travel” for the third time after the series “Revo”. This is Mohamed Nair’s first experience in directing, and he is also the author of the series.

It is a series Reasons for travel Mohamed Nair’s first experience in the world of television directing, after the great successes he achieved in the world of writing that won the admiration of the audience, the most recent of which was the Revue series with its two parts, which encouraged him to enter the directing experience and be the author and director in the work.
In the fourth episode of the series, Dalia “Donia Wael” began teaching Captain Ibrahim “Kamel Al-Basha” the Spanish language because he had wanted to learn it since he was young.
He asked Dr. Hoda “Nadine” to dance the tango with him at the clinic party and she agreed and “Amir Eid” began to teach him to dance the tango, and on the day of the party he danced with her with full fitness and energy and all the attendees applauded him, and Hoda informed him that Dalia’s mental health had begun to improve because of him and that she had begun In its campaign to eliminate loneliness, it placed advertisements on the street with Captain Ibrahim’s number.

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